Saturday, January 30, 2010

Week 3: Inbetweening w/ Uri Kranot

Uri Kranot came back for this week and taught us inbetweening. We inbetweened this short scene from Balto featuring Boris the goose. I was a bit worried that, not having really animated for a couple of weeks, this would turn out hard. But no, it went quite well.

Week 2: Clean-up w/Lee Huxtable

Lee Huxtable gave us this short scene from "American Tail 2" to work with, that of Cat R. Waul falling down and exclaiming "Humans!".

Week 50: Composition w/ Lawrence Marvit

Lawrence taught us a lot about composition and the feel of a picture. This first picture is an abstract interpretation of Miles Davis's album "Kind of Blue".

Then we worked for two days on the following composition, that of the interior of a burning building. I chose a burning town hall. Here is the original linework:

And the finished, rendered picture:

Week 49: Drunken Goofy w/ Meelis Arulepp

Now, this was a very fun exercise to work on. It was great to work with Meelis again, and this was our fourth straight week of animating, so we were fairly confident at this point.

Week 47-48: Animating w/ the Danish Filmschool

These two weeks, we had the pleasure of working with directors from the Danish Film School, working on their final projects. Me and the other three people in my group worked with a nice guy called Troels on his Blacknisseiflm about the black metal elf in Santa's Workshop who wants to be able to make good toys, not menacing ones ('cause he'll get fired if he keeps donig that). This was the first time we animated without a teacher being on hand to help us, and it was a healthy experience. Please note that the following is not in story order.

This scene was the product of the first week. The elf's doll (his travel partner of sorts) is about to slip off his back.

These two scenes came the week after. Here, the elf is sad that the drawing he made is that of an evil toy, not a good one.

Here, the elf is showing his evil toy to Santa, thinking it's good work.

Week 46: Goofy lifting weight w/ Meelis Arulepp

We had Meelis from Estonia twice, animating Goofy. This week, we animated him lifting a heavy ball. This was a fun exercise and it was great to work with Meelis, a very inspiring guy. I was rather please with this one. Sure wish I'd have got the chance to clean it up a little, but Meelis wanted us to work rough.

Week 43: Animation drawing(w/ Zdenko Santini: the Clown haven

came back the week after the autumn break and we kept on doing drawing exercises with him. The week's project was one we picked ourselves, about these clowns in a post-apocalyptic world where laughter is now a privileged thing. Our clown protagonists want to escape their oppressors and escape to the "Clown Haven". The following is the result, which I'm quite happy with. It was a fun exercise to work on. Concept development looks like fun.

Week 40-41: Animation walks w/Anders Nessum & Slaven Reese

For our first animation walk exercises, our assignment for the two weeks was the Pink Panther.

This first exercise was a simple side-step:

Here he is angry, slamming a table (upon reflection, it could've used some ease-outs):

Here is our first proper walk:

Then finally, this exercise took all of week 41, a personality walk. I chose a confident attitude: