Friday, February 26, 2010

Week 8 - TV Paint introduction

This was our first week of not only working with the animation program TV Paint, but Wacom tablets as well. I think it's a nice way of animating, and we spent this week getting to know this new way of working.

Here is Scooby-Doo turning his head (I'm very happy with this one):

The character Jock from the Lady and the Tramp, also turning his head:

And finally Hogarth from the Iron Giant, doing a take:

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week 5: Midway test featuring the Pink Panther

The first semester officially ended with this, our first test, a week-long assignment featuring the Pink Panther. This is what I am able to do after one semester at the Animation Workshop.

If that's too hard to read, here's the same animation, only without the background.

Week 4: Storyboarding w/ Tod Polsen & On Krapook

We had Tod Polsen & On Krapook this week and got a 2-person assignment on making an animatic for a popsicle commercial. This commercial features some kids and their dog as they daydream their way to outer space, thus showing how cool popsicles are. This is what I did with Kenneth Ladekjær. I did almost all the second half (Kenneth doing the final logo and fly-by)